FOUR-CORNERS Mystery Series

Latitude: 36° 59′ 33.77″ N
Longitude: -109° 02′ 25.57″ W

In Western America, four of America’s most scenic western states intersect. The corners of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah form the Four-Corners Region. Blessed with stunning vistas and diverse peoples, the area is rich in natural resources and folklore. The region is home to the sovereign nations of many Native American tribes. Hard-rock miners, hardy pioneers, working cowboys, and urban hipsters populate a host of sites from tiny villages to growing cities to thriving metropolises. Here the writer finds ample grist for stories of romance, humor, intrigue, and danger.

Cover design by Donna Marie Benjamin


book one of the FOUR-CORNERS mystery series

A smuggled prize, bloodthirsty treasure hunters, a hungry mountain lion, and a budding romance–it looks like a busy summer for Anne Scriptor. Navigating through Arizona and Colorado, will the spunky young student of archaeology survive her journey on THE ROAD TO LAVENDER?

2020 SPECIAL CONSIDERATION AWARD for Cover Design from the New Mexico Book Association

2019 3rd PLACE, Mystery Genre, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, Colorado Gold Writing Contest

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Cover design by Donna Marie Benjamin



Anne Scriptor forms a working partnership with Detective Trinidad Sands by joining his investigative team. When the handsome detective proposes marriage, Anne says yes. The working couple investigates the unsolved murder of Esau Koller, a prolific author and Colorado celebrity. And the clock is ticking as they strive to crack the case in time to orchestrate A LAVENDER WEDDING.

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BOOk tHREE of the FOUR-CORNERS mystery series
by d.p. benjamin

In this prequel, set years before Trinidad Sands meets his precocious wife, the footloose bachelor lands his first case. Working a seasonal job at Grand Lake Lodge, he befriends a local character, investigates a kidnapping, and risks the wrath of a vengeful arsonist.

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by d.p. benjamin

The brutal murder of a local hermit entangles the husband-and-wife detective team of Trinidad and Anne Sands in international intrigue. The entire village of Lavender is up-ended as a deadly assassin strives to rekindle a sinister World War II Nazi scheme involving the key to eternal youth and a hidden stockpile of counterfeit nickels.

Photo by Jennifer Nichols


BOOk FIVE of the FOUR-CORNERS mystery series
by d.p. benjamin

The husband and wife detective team of Trinidad and Anne Sands decide to take a vacation from sleuthing. Trinidad has received a generous offer to purchase his lavender farm and he focuses his energy of making a life-altering real estate decision. Anne gets a chance to apply her scientific skills when a trio of visiting Chinese archaeologists arrive to explore Colorado and neighboring Utah. But these seemingly unrelated projects soon overlap in a marathon of espionage, murder, and betrayal.

Photo by D.P. Benjamin


BOOk SIX of the FOUR-CORNERS mystery series
by d.p. benjamin

A Hollywood movie crew comes to New Mexico hell-bent on completing a feature film in record time. Things are looking up when they locate an ideal setting and the production schedule is rolling along until the star’s stand-in is murdered. There are fifty-five eyewitnesses to the crime, not to mention camera footage from seven angles. But it will take the husband and wife team of Detectives Trinidad and Anne Sands to unravel the mystery of Walking Horse Ranch.

Photo by D.P. Benjamin
Lavender farewell
book seven of the FOUR-CORNERS mystery series
by d.p. benjamin

It’s time my husband and wife detectives, TRINIDAD and ANNE SANDS, to leave the mythical village of Lavender, Colorado. The catalyst for their departure is an unsolved murder perpetrated by a notorious villain who was earlier presumed dead.