D.P. Benjamin

Consisting of seven books, the Great Land Fantasy Series debuted on the author’s 77th birthday. Beginning with “Stone Bride,” the epic fantasy series takes the reader on fanciful journeys in and around the mythical kingdom of Middlemount. Featuring characters introduced in Stone Bride, each book includes colorful backstories and new adventures.

Book 1: Stone Bride (June 2022). Princess Ann of Middlemount is the last of her royal household. Defeated by invading forces, her Wolfkind race faces extinction. Only a desperate quest can save her people, her god, and her world. click here

Book 2: Iron Angel. Young Ann of Middlemount is still a cub when she discovers a statue of an angel in the palace garden. A lonely welp in a sprawling castle, Ann adopts the angel as her imaginary playmate. Ann’s rise from obscurity to become the Warrior Princess of Middlemount is experienced through the eyes of the faithful angel.

Book 3: Redhackle. An isolated isle in the mythical Western Sea is the setting for forbidden romance, a tantalizing mystery, and the discovery of an unlikely hero.

Book 4: Bindbuilder. Percy Bindbuilder the Elder is an unremarkable gamekeeper who lives a quiet life on a spacious estate—until his experiments in magic conjure creatures which threaten the peace of his country village.

Book 5: Nachtfalke. Clax and Ashlar serve as Night Hawk brothers of the Order of Accipiter. Their sole mission in life is the religious training of heirs to the Middlemount throne, until they are abruptly relieved of their royal duties and dispatched to the Island Kingdom of Memora. Their journey crosses not only the vast Western Sea, but also barriers of time which divide past, present, and future.

Book 6: Isochronous. Each year, humans mount a deadly drive to hunt and kill wolves. A wolf pup survives a brutal hunt to become Erato Gnomon, a magical being who functions as muse of the sundial. When Erato aspires to greater authority, she draws the wrath of Trepan the Timekeeper.

Book 7: Ruth and Esau. In the wake of an earth-shattering crises, an old-world witch and her faithful dog enter a new realm of existence where dreams and reality collide.