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WELCOME! My name is Donald Paul Benjamin. I’m a novelist, journalist, cartoonist, and photographer. I’m a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, a regional group of authors based in Denver. However, I live on the Western Slope of Colorado about as far from the teeming metropolis of Denver as I can get without falling into Utah. It’s rural country with lakes, rivers, and streams; mountains, mesas, and valleys; cattle, sheep, and sheep dogs; apples, peaches, cherries, and corn. And breathtaking vistas.

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The title of this blog reflects two themes: 1) It’s been twelve months since I last posted on my author webpage. Thus, my January and December posts can be thought of as forming literal and figurative ‘bookends.’ 2) When writing, I begin each new novel by composing the last chapter first. Thus, I have a … Continue reading Book Ends


A passion for word games and puzzles can serve as a bridge to creative and expository writing. Letters and sounds are the building-blocks of words. Words form sentences and sentences convey meaning to inform readers, evoke emotions, and stimulate thinking. Working crosswords, playing scrabble, and completing word search exercises can pay dividends. Even the taking … Continue reading CROSSWORDS

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