Photographs and Cartoons

a gift for my visitors

There’s a link below to one of my fondest projects, it’s a little cartoon book about the single life called WHEN YOU LIVE ALONE. I’ve reprinted it several times and sold about 1,000 copies over the years. I’ve considered publishing it as an e-book or an on-demand printable book, but it doesn’t lend itself to the distributors’ formatting requirements. Instead, as an experiment, I’ll share it here as my gift to those who visit my site. Feel free to download and print it out for a limited time (this permission temporarily overrides other copyright restrictions). For now, I hope it will reach folks while I think of another way to distribute it. Better than having it languish in my files. It will make a thoughtful gift for someone you love, including yourself. Enjoy.

More photos and cartoons

I’ve assembled a small sampling of my visual work with camera and brush and pen. I’ll add and subtract images occasionally. All works are (c) copyrighted 2019 by D.P. Benjamin.

September rain – Granby Reservoir, Colorado
Grocery store bouquet: City Market, Hotchkiss, Colorado, 2018
Storm on Grand Mesa: Cattle Country, Delta County, 2019
Reservation horse, Navajo Land, Four Corners Area, 2017
The Park Bench at the Edge of the World, Confluence Lake, Delta, Colorado, 2019
Cowboy Coyote Learns to Howl, acrylic, 2003
Cat Fish, acrylic, 2001
The Early Bunny Gets the Carrot, acrylic, 2010
Coyote Learns to Fiddle, acrylic, 2010
Fish Out of Water, acrylic, 2001
I Work With Nuts, pen & ink, 2017
Meet Mr. Skunk, pen & ink, 2018
Never Under Estimate, pen & ink, 2017
Blue ribbon winner at Delta County Fair
Penguin Love, pencil sketch, 2001



Remember when it took two seconds to order a coffee.
Remember when an e-book was the encyclopedia volume between ‘D’ and ‘F’.
Remember when your reading lamp was plugged in and your book wasn’t.
Remember when your thermometer contained more mercury than your tuna fish sandwich.
Remember when they couldn’t say THAT on television.