The Naming of Animals, by Us

We label a creature we wish to stalk, kill, butcher, and eat ‘game,’ then have the gall to assign, to an over-ripe bit of the unfortunate’s tainted flesh, the label ‘gamey.’  Sometimes we get the name exactly right. Except for a minor disagreement about vowels, ‘deer’ seems an appropriate moniker for these gentle and—frankly—endearing beasts. … Continue reading The Naming of Animals, by Us

If you’re from Texas, how to tell if you’re in a Colorado blizzard

This, in Colorado anyway, is not a blizzard. Went snowshoeing a few days ago with Donna Marie, my dear friend who recently moved from Texas to the wild Western Slope of Colorado. She's an old hand at the healthy winter exercise of walking on snow and I'm a beginner. To reach enough snow, she guided … Continue reading If you’re from Texas, how to tell if you’re in a Colorado blizzard

Wolf Moon

Let me tell you about my older brother and the dark and monsters. I was a fearful child. Until my tenth birthday I had crippling night fears. I avoided the dark, which I imagined to be populated with werewolves. Here's the thing about monsters: I wasn't afraid of the Frankenstein monster who lurched awkwardly from … Continue reading Wolf Moon

The Average Human Heart

The average human heart weighs about ten ounces—that’s more than a gerbil and less than a can of soup. And yet, sometimes, the heart can seem so very heavy. But there are friends and puppies and kittens and sunsets and rainbows and fields and mountains and rivers and soup to make the heart feel lighter. … Continue reading The Average Human Heart