The Average Human Heart

The average human heart weighs about ten ounces—that’s more than a gerbil and less than a can of soup. And yet, sometimes, the heart can seem so very heavy.

But there are friends and puppies and kittens and sunsets and rainbows and fields and mountains and rivers and soup to make the heart feel lighter. So the weight of the average human heart is sure to vary, which makes it less like a can of soup and more like a gerbil.

I forget where I was going with this.

It was early in the morning when I wrote that first paragraph and I was listening to a poignant recording by friends Wayne McKinzie and Rene’ Janiece who perform as Bittersweet Highway. The song was ‘Who’s Gonna Love You?’ which is about to be released on video. It’s a sad song and sadder still now that Rene’ is battling cancer.

I saw this glad-hearted woman at the coffee shop last week and her smile was as radiant as ever…bittersweet you might say. To follow their music and their health challenge, check out their website and their latest music video at the links below.

I took this photo of Rene’ and Wayne for a local newspaper feature. Their story appears on my ‘Published Articles’ page.


2 thoughts on “The Average Human Heart

  1. Or the heart can feel very light if you have won the lottery (which we have never done but would like to experience some day😜). Cheers, Sandy & Gary


    1. Thanks for reminding me to take another look at that dour post and realize that, as you say, the heart can be lighter too. Which got me thinking about my local friends who are talented musicians and their life challenges. So I updated the post to pay tribute to their struggle. Thanks, mates!


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