The Paul Lucas Factor

My dear friend, Paul Lucas, called the other day from somewhere up in the frozen north. He is a talented musician and music instructor and the help-mate of my late friend Tina Kjolhede. I’ll add a link to his website and his music at the end of this short tribute.

Among the memories Paul and I share is Tina’s faithful cat Theo (a Danish name pronounced ‘Tay-Oh’) whom, after she died, Paul and I nicknamed ‘Tater.’ When Paul closed up the Kjolhede homestead in Phoenix and moved back to his native Canada in 2014, Tater came to live with me.

Tater Kjolhede: R.I.P. The kat who loved to play Scrabble.

Tater died in 2016 when meant, as Paul said when I told him the news, “And then there were none.”

Paul, as you might gather is a simple man of few words. He lets his guitar do the talking and his smile. When he called the other day to comment on my new career as an aspiring novelist, he had a practical suggestion.

“Why not market to bears,” he said in a tone that revealed no hint of levity.

“Bears?” I asked in all innocence.

“Yes, bears–think about it,” Paul explained. “They have nothing to do in the winter but read and, if for some reason they don’t like your writing, they can always eat the book.”

How can you argue with logic like that?

Boy, do I miss that guy.

Here is the link to his web page so that you too can experience the Paul Lucas Factor.


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