American Packaging

If you have ever been tempted to use a machete to open a package of potato chips, or stood heart-broken at a sailboat railing as an unsightly and unholy artificial island composed of Styrofoam (a trademark) and plastic bottles drifted by, then you know how I feel each time I struggle with the curse of … Continue reading American Packaging

To the Monkey Bars

Remember the grade school track meet where you earned a ribbon for finishing among the top three runners? First place received a red ribbon, second got blue, and third got green. The girls in my class were fast. I attribute their speed to the habit of boys relentlessly pursuing them during recess. Naturally they were … Continue reading To the Monkey Bars

Who’s This Anne We Keep Hearing About?

Anyone who has read summaries and previews and beta copies of my upcoming novels has noticed that I use the name Anne a lot. ANNE SCRIPTOR is the spunky young hero of my Mountain Mystery novels. And the Wolfkin Princess of my Middlemount Fantasy series is named ANN OF MIDDLEMOUNT. The name Ann (the 'e' … Continue reading Who’s This Anne We Keep Hearing About?