So, you want to be a blogger?

My professional writers’ organization, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (RMFW) has invited me to write a monthly blog to share with members. I joined the group in 2017 and managed to attend two in-person conventions before COVID-19 reared its ugly… I was going to say “head,” but I somehow doubt if a virus has what most anatomy professors would consider a cranium. I only know if has feet because, so-far, it’s kicked me in the butt three times.

Speaking of COVID-19…

See what I did there?

I have discovered one trick to blogging, which is to change the subject as often as possible, using a combination of subtle and bone-shattering transitions, until you guide the reader to a whimsical, insightful, and (hopefully) satisfying conclusion.

The goal is to write something longer than a “tweet” and shorter than a doctoral dissertation. Remember not to mispell misspell too many words or commit two too many errors in usage. Also, strive to avoid an excessive number of prepositions and don’t use them to end a sentence with.

And there you have it. Using slight-of-hand, I’ve managed to write a title, then rattle off 207 words and, in the process, say virtually nothing. So, welcome to the world of blogging and happy writing!

The Jules Verne character, Phileas Fogg, was the original blogger. Rather than using the internet, which hadn’t yet been invented by Al Gore, Fogg manipulated a hot air balloon. The “hot air” concept survived to inform the modern world of blogging. Unfortunately, the intrepid explorer’s last name didn’t make the cut–although it would be correct to think of certain internet writers as “fogging” the minds of their reading public.

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